The rains are having a hard time stopping. They are trying, but we’ve had some days during the holidays where the rainy season pattern has prevailed. What is the “rainy season” pattern?

The pattern starts with a glorious morning. The jungle comes to life in stages. Right around 4:30 the howler monkeys start doing their thing which is, of course, howling. It is a sound that I’ve come to love. When I think about it though, it is a strange sound. But it is the sound of nature and the presence of these herbivores signals that maybe there is actually some hope out there for this world. [insert audio of howlers].

Whilst the howlers are howling, the birds start in. This cacophony of bird song varies throughout the year, depending on the time of year. Costa Rica is in the flight path of so many of earth’s migrating species that we get a different symphony depending on who is passing by at the time. The birds seem to like the light of day whereas the howlers get started just before the initial glimmers of the rising sun.

Depending on where you are located in relation to the ocean, there may be the constant background sound of the ocean. Oddly, distance is not the only determining factor to hearing the ocean. From my home, it is sometimes just a subtle background that can become nearly imperceptible during daylight hours. During the night when all is quiet, the rhythmic waves are very present. However, there are times when, day or night, it sounds like I’m almost on the beach. The size of the swell as well as (and this point may seem a bit strange,) the humidity in the air seem to effect the loudness of the waves crashing on Playa Hermosa down below. Weird, right? However, this makes good sense when we consider how sound travels through water.

Ok, so that’s enough of my morning reverie. For my current market status and what it’s like here toward the end of the holiday season 2018 here in The Zone, click here.