Both Internal and External, It’s Pricey

So often we hear ourselves, or others, make the statement that life is short or, that time just flies by so quickly. I can relate to this… sort of. I used to look at the age of 64 as being truly quite old. Now that I’m here, not so much. It is also quite something how so much life has passed by and in looking back over it (my life), I join in to the chorus: my but how time flies.

Then, I look at this moment and take a pause. Time is in reality, not flying. I think that so much of our perception of time moving by is how amazing it is to still be here after so much time. I remember thinking in my 30’s & 40’s that it really didn’t seem like time was flying. But then, somehow, one day I woke up and I had grown children, grandchildren, and the sum total of the consequences of my life’s decisions were presenting, loud & clear, both the good and the bad.

Here I am living in Costa Rica, again. The first time I moved to Costa Rica I was 39 (1999). The second time, 63 (2022). I returned to the States after 20 years of living here in Costa Rica. This was a truly unplanned and unexpected change. My brother and sister had been quite joyfully caring for our mother which allowed me to live in Costa Rica for those 20 years, for which I was quite grateful.

I know, not the most riveting of stories. However, in order to get back to blogging, which is truly on old flame of mine, I must go through some of the transitioning events. I will recount the events which incited my return to the States, as well as some further observations from this many-year expat who left, and then returned, to Costa Rica.

It has been a wild ride. Some of the results of the last few years have had a rather unexpected effect on this gringo expat. I have decided to not move back to the coast. Please bear with me as I recount some of the events and get to what life is like here in the post-pandemic southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. Hopefully, some of this relating my experience will be useful to others who may be considering such a move.