The rains are starting early this year. April 1, 2018 I was down near Ojochal showing a property in the Cinco Ventanas area. It started to get dark and then to rain. And then to thunder and lightning. This wasn’t just one of those gentle summer showers. There was a 1 second delay between the lightning and the thunder. The bolts were striking very close in!

As I sit, 2 weeks later, it has not let up. Yes, we get the occasional sunny day, but I’d say that the rainy season began on April 1st this year.

Blue Zone Realty had a stellar high-season. All the agents in the office are doing multiple deals each month. I’m hearing similar reports from the other offices in The Zone. There was a buzz of activity such as I have not seen in the small coastal town of Uvita Costa Rica.

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the week leading up to Easter. Here in Latin America, this is a big-deal week. Everything shuts down – well, everything except the gas station, grocery stores, and pharmacies. It seems that, if you are going to have car problems, this is the week they will happen. If you are going to get a tooth ache, this is the week it will happen. I suggest that you get both your car and your teeth checked prior to Semana Santa.

It is also said that the so-called “low season” or “green season” as some like to call it, starts the day after Semana Santa. We have seen this this year. However, the “seasons” in the real estate business don’t necessarily follow the tourism seasons. Yes, there are less people here, the buzz has died down a bit, but it also seems to be a time when the serious buyers choose to do their thing. Sales continue on at a brisk rate and I’m getting inquiries from buyers who are in-country, as opposed to the norm of those who are planning their visit in 6 weeks time.

My most recent post is part 3 of the series of “Understanding Costa Rica real Estate” which, for me, has been stroll down memory lane as I recount some of my early history in real estate here in The Zone and how it led up to the current market. The idea is that, understanding this history can help the interested buyer to grasp some of the conditions here and what are, at times, baffling differences of the Costa Rica real estate market with what it’s like “back home”.

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