Let’s consider the possibilities…

With the massively changing world of the year, 2020, and early 2021, many people were talking like finding a planetary option was what we needed. Ok, fine – the conclusion of this topic was universally, and without exception, the same – there just aren’t any options when it comes to planets. We’re stuck.

The next level of this conversation is a bit more pragmatic: “well then, what can we do with the one we’ve got?”

Here we enter into the spectrum of possibilities. And these, colored by one’s outlook, span from Optimistic Restoration to Terminal Pessimism, and then, of course, all points in between. For many, the idea starts with the acquisition of a property in Costa Rica. And this thought gives way to lots of questions that need answering – hence, this blog.

Costa Rica is viewed by many as an antidote to what they may be dealing with “back home”. In my 20+ years of living in Costa Rica I’ve seen this repeatedly but, never as much as recently with the effects of the covid pandemic.