Why Won’t Anyone Sell My Property?

If you as a seller are finding that an agency does not respond to repeated “nudges”, it may be time to ask the question: “do you not want this listing for some reason?  Do you feel that there is a problem with my listing or that it is overpriced?”.

Please keep in mind, dear seller, that the only way that the real estate agency makes any money for the time that they invest in your listing, is if they sell it.  The Costa Rica real estate market has recently taken a 40 – 50% reduction across the board and there are still many sellers that feel that their property is an exception.  Or they may be willing to wait until the market comes up again to sell.

Some agencies are reluctant to speak with candor about such concerns.

1 thought on “Why Won’t Anyone Sell My Property?”

  1. Spot on.  Real estates agents in Costa Rica (and Nicaragua where I am based) act more like buyer agents than true “listing agents”.  All comes down to the lack of a comprehensive MLS system as the basis of broker collaboration.

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