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Costa Rica business man.
In the office, full uniform.

I’ve lived in Costa Rica since January of 1999.  My first 6 years were in San Isidro which is about a 30 minute drive inland from Dominical.  I moved here with my family of 5, which has since then bloomed into 6 more – 4 grandkids and 2 sons-in-law.

Our objective in moving was to broaden perspectives for us all.  We lived in the Aspen Colorado Valley in the U. S. and had a beautiful life. I was an art dealer in a high end art gallery for the last 14 of our 20 years there. I like to make this point since the concept of escaping, or getting away from something is presupposed regarding those that move to a foreign land.  In our case it was really not so.  We had a nice home out in the country with a gorgeous mountain view.  Nice job, good friends and family.  The appeal of getting the bi-lingual, bi-cultural experience was important to us for our family.

We lived the first 6 years in Costa Rica in San Isidro. Our focus was on community involvement, full immersion in the Tico culture & language, home school, and I designed and built web sites.  We decided that with me working at home, I could be available for family, and slow down the depletion of our fixed amount of money.  We figured that if we used up what we had, and got to have the experience, it would be well worth it.  We calculated that about the time the money ran out, I’d be in my mid-40s, the kids would be adult, and we would simply move back to the States, me in my earning prime, and just do it again with retirement in view.

I don’t think that we considered that we’d be able to work and live in Costa Rica indefinitely. Well, life being what it is, some changes took place. In 2004 I found real estate, (or it found me as it turned out). Years later, I am now a real estate professional with niche expertise in Costa Rica real estate and niche-niche knowledge of the Costa Rica’s southern Pacific “zone”.

So, here I am, a single man… living in Costa Rica, working at my profession, which really isn’t all that different from my previous life in the States of  handling unique treasures, much like my days of selling fine art in Aspen.

If you are interesting in my services here in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific zone, you can start with this small form just below. Please just take a minute and introduce yourself and let me know a little about what your objectives are. If you include your phone number or Skype handle, we can set up an initial call, or simply correspond via e-mail.

Please feel free to drop me a line.  I welcome questions pertinent to the themes of Moving to Costa Rica, Property Owners Issues, Costa Rica Real Estate and their related sub-topics.  I will respond to you personally. Also, its not unusual for a question to spark the writing juices and an article can result.

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