Aug 042018
Learning Spanish: Make as Many Mistakes as You Can

Helpful information for those wishing to learn Spanish. Our innate desire to not make mistakes works against us in our efforts to learn Spanish. I have found that studying Spanish can actually be overdone. Some of us students of Spanish focus on the academic over the practical. Frankly, the academic or “memorize” approach can get prohibitively boring. Jump in and get involved with the language. This article expounds on this.

Apr 092010
New Theory Explains Why We Find Costa Rica So Darn Pleasant

When we visit Costa Rica, we have running in our heads the latest tapes of what is going on in the above 6 areas. All of this information does not originate inside of our own heads but from without (opposite of within). Of course, we are all intelligent and creative people in our own right. So, we take this information and color it and make commentary on it with our own unique spin, but really, someone else has pretty much suggested to us what we’ll be thinking about as we go through our days.

On day 4 that constant and ever- present chatter has subsided enough to where we may experience an errant thought of something unrelated to the big 6. This experience originates entirely from the source of one‘s very own, personal and private psyche – and this feels wonderful.

Jun 282009

This is an article that was published in Montañas al Mar magazine in 2009. “The chance to have a second life in the same body.  A life immersed in nature, and immersed in culture.  This would be to get involved in what is here as opposed to what I had already lived”. After reading my article in a new magazine here in the zone, Raven’s


Interested in Costa Rica real estate as an investment. They primarily live somewhere else, but they own property in Costa Rica for the asset appreciation potential as well as possible rental income. Some just buy and hold (land-bank). For developed properties, the investor has a vacation home to visit as desired.

Migrators spend a regular amount of time in Costa Rica during each year.

Re-locators are those that are looking to move to Costa Rica from wherever they are. They will live full-time in Costa Rica.