Am I seeing All There Is?

How can one be sure that they are seeing all of the possibilities that fit their real estate criterion? There is no MLS here in Costa Rica. Its too bad. The MLS system in the US came about due to the needs of the customer, not the vendor of real estate. It truly is a … Read more

About All Those Signs

There are two approaches to Dominical, well three actually if you count the approach from the south as though your trip originated in Panama. But most come in from the north, from San Jose. Coming down the coast is a lovely drive until you get just past Quepos where the road turns into what we … Read more

Costa Rica MLS Explained

Is there a Multiple Listing Service in Costa Rica? As a person browsing the internet looking for Costa Rica real estate, one will have seen the terms “MLS” and “Multiple Listing Service” numerous times. What this term means when seen on a Costa Rica real estate site varies greatly from what it means on real … Read more