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Education In Rural Costa Rica, Part 2 2

[This article is a continuation of Education In Rural Costa Rica, Part 1]

Private School

Simply put, the reason most tico families do not send their children to private school is the cost. The best private elementary school in San Isidro runs around $275/month. Even by gringo standards this can be viewed as a … Read on...

Water In Costa Rica, Part Two 6

If you ask the World Bank or one of the mega-water corporations (e.g., Coke, Nestle, Vivendi), fresh drinking water is a commodity. If you ask virtually everyone else in the world (including the United Nations), fresh drinking water is a basic human right. Whether it is the encroachment of privatization or Nicaragua’s plan to divert Read on...

Houses In Our Future 6

The crystal ball… standard equipment for psychics and investors, alike. Ben and I are constantly observing the trends and then peering into the future of our little Costa Rican real estate market.

Around 1995, the first wave of developers arrived to the area. These early mavericks (let’s call them environmental-preneurs) benefited from a combination of … Read on...