Jul 162007

I have broken one of my cardinal rules of Pure Real Estate Brokering. Since getting involved in Costa Rica real Estate some years ago, I have always made it a part of my presentation to disclose that I don’t have a personal vested interest in the properties that I am marketing. If there has been an exception to this, such as a motivated seller that is offering a “spiff” or additional pay directly to the sales agent on a given property, I have disclosed this as well. I have basically done business here based on the addage, “To Find You Your Property”, meaning “Lets find the one that is right for you“, and not “lets find the one that your real estate guy makes the most money on.” Pure brokering is a beautiful thing.

Having said that, I would like to announce that I am now a partner in the first golf course to go in to Costa Rica’s southern zone. (My partners are wondering if allowing me in was such a good idea since I have delayed notifying you, the readers of my blog and my client and prospect lists, about the project.) I have held off a little bit since the nature of the project at this point in time is very “pre”, in that it is early. What this means to a possible buyer is, tremendous upside potential and tremendous value for anyone who might be looking to relocate to Costa Rica and want to live the golf course community life-style.

Here’s The “Why”
I have written quite a bit about the real estate boom in the Dominical area and how it has spread out from there in all directions. There is a good amount of speculation going on inland from Dominical up to San Isidro. To the north, the road between Quepos/Manuel Antonio and Dominical is a 25 mile stretch that is bumpy and awful to drive, but offers great potential for after when the road is paved. And then there is the south, towards The Osa peninsula. That is where the majority of development and speculation is now going on. There are a number of factors that feed the southern direction as the place to go. One is the impending International airport. I know, you say: “haven’t they been talking about that airport for a long time?” Answer: “yes, they have”. However, we have now, in the past few days, personally witnessed the president of Costa Rica signing off on the project. (see photo)

The other points mentioned also provide indicators that the zone is a great place to invest, and to consider for re-location and retirement. When that road gets paved from Manuel Antonio down to Dominical and beyond, the San Buenas Golf Resort will be then located about an hour, easy driving from the number 1 (numero uno) tourist destination in Costa Rica. Already the highway that services the coastline from Dominical towards the south is regarded by many as the nicest highway in the country.

Anyway, the indicators are strong, and the lifestyle offered is tremendous.

Ecological Concerns: We are contracted with some of the brightest stars in “green” technology. I have posted a mission statement of sorts for our philosophy in developing this golf course.
Click here to view.
“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
This is taken from “Our Common Future” which is a report from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development.

This project is a work in progress. I have posted it quickly due to the “pre” nature of the opportunity at this moment. The buy in price of $79,900 is not assured for any time.

Interested in Costa Rica real estate as an investment. They primarily live somewhere else, but they own property in Costa Rica for the asset appreciation potential as well as possible rental income. Some just buy and hold (land-bank). For developed properties, the investor has a vacation home to visit as desired.

Migrators spend a regular amount of time in Costa Rica during each year.

Re-locators are those that are looking to move to Costa Rica from wherever they are. They will live full-time in Costa Rica.