Learn Spanish: It’s Really Really Really Hard

How’z that for an attention grabbing title? Highly appealing thought, verdad? As you’ll see in this article, it is used as a strong contrast and a realistic shift from all the self-promoting courses that claim to make this project easy, simple, fast etc… Also, I have found this thought to be oddly (if not perversely) … Read more

A New Kind of Seller Part I

The big question of the day seems to be, is Costa Rica real estate being affected by the topsy turvy current global economy? In a word: yes.

In a previous article dated December of 2007, (click here to read) I had simplified the possible affect of the economic downturn in the States. I wrote that the affect can be negative, neutral, or positive. My conclusion at that time was that the affect had been positive. I’m modifying (please note my choice of word there) my position now that we’ve been in “the change” for some time. Please note that I’m not changing from my position, but as you will see, I am detailing out the affect of the global changes. I am still of the mind that, overall, the change is in the “positive” column.

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Costa Rica Golf – Southern Zone Style

I have broken one of my cardinal rules of Pure Real Estate Brokering. Since getting involved in Costa Rica real Estate some years ago, I have always made it a part of my presentation to disclose that I don’t have a personal vested interest in the properties that I am marketing. If there has been … Read more

Relocate to Costa Rica FAQ

I get lists of question from time to time due from people who want to move to Costa Rica. I wrote Vickey back and answered her questions, but I have taken the liberty to post the interchange here to my blog. I think that some of the readers of this blog will find it helpful. Hello … Read more

Struggles of Conscience II

This is part 2 of the Struggles of Conscience series. If you missed part 1, please click here If you are a reader of this blog, you know about my 70+ client Ruthie. Well, I am a little behind in cataloging her journey of selling out of her Florida home and relocating to Costa Rica. … Read more

Struggles of Conscience

I am a real estate agent in Costa Rica. I am also a borderline tree hugger. Oxymoron, right? Granted, I sell property here that has been developed by someone else who likely had to cut a road into the building site. He / she may also have purchased a large tract of land known here … Read more

What the heck is the catastrado?

The below is a work in progress. Buying real estate in Costa Rica is a knowledge intensive endeavor. Little by little the country is getting modernized to where the property that one is looking at can actually be identified clearly and its pedigree determined. But the land registration process is also a work in progress. … Read more