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Ok, so what’s a guy to do when he encounters one of life’s dramatic curves and finds himself living back in the U. S. of A. All very unexpectedly and certainly, unplanned. Hmmm… Well, there is much history of learning Costa Rica and the real estate therein. Phone calls and emails indicate that there is some value to this.

I’ve been requested to assist in the sale of some properties there in Costa Rica’s southern pacific zone. I am going to market the properties here on my site, but will encourage real estate agencies to do the same. Just let me know and I’ll get you set up.

First offering is this one.

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Interested in Costa Rica real estate as an investment. They primarily live somewhere else, but they own property in Costa Rica for the asset appreciation potential as well as possible rental income. Some just buy and hold (land-bank). For developed properties, the investor has a vacation home to visit as desired.

Migrators spend a regular amount of time in Costa Rica during each year.

Re-locators are those that are looking to move to Costa Rica from wherever they are. They will live full-time in Costa Rica.