What’s Wrong With This One?

Here’s the weird thing. The short answer is: nothing. This planet is miraculously perfect. Costa Rica is a strong option for relocating to, or just simply to visit and in so doing, get a break from the lunacy that prevails in the developed world Long answer… well, settle in, as this is what this site … Read more

Expat Real Estate Guy

Ok, so what’s a guy to do when he encounters one of life’s dramatic curves and finds himself living back in the U. S. of A. All very unexpectedly and certainly, unplanned. I recently visited Costa Rica. It was a very different experience “visiting” there after having lived there for 20+ years. I had no … Read more

Merge with Nature

Paul’s Paradise description. Is this property what you are looking for? I’ll get to the details below, but for the sake of your time, here’s my effort at profiling the “Types” that would love this property. These types are not listed in any sort of priority, such as who would be most interested to least. … Read more

Moving On

The below article was written on March 7, 2019 and not posted until November 30, 2019 I hear from people who tell me that they have read my entire blog. I find this difficult to believe. When I started blogging (I think this was around 2003), it was recommended that blog articles be around 1,000 … Read more