An International Airport in the Southern Zone?

Well, near as I can tell, we’ve all made the mistake. “We” being the various real estate agents around the Dominical area. The mistake being… well, it is oftentimes made in response to the inevitable question: “why do you think that real estate is a good investment here in Dominical, or Costa Rica, or the Southern Zone?

Aside from numerous other points that we make here in response to this question, we talk about the ease of getting here in the future. We say: “the road between Quepos and Dominical will be paved AND, they are putting an international airport into Palmar Norte” – (I’ve also heard “Palmar Sur” from some very in-the-know sort of folks). There, that is the mistake. We have been saying that there is an airport going into Palmar somewhere, and it is going to re-shape the area’s economy, just like the one up in Liberia did.

I’d like to quote from the Tico Times of May 27, 2005: “While officials are zeroing in on the location of the airport, how the project will be financed and when it might be built remain up in the air.”

I find this comment interesting. We have been here touting the coming airport as though all of this stuff had already been decided. Notice that the where, how, and when are “up in the air”. Sheesh! Things take long enough in Costa Rica when the how, when, and where is known!  I, for my part, am probably going to stop talking about the airport that is scheduled to be built in Palmar Norte.

One positive thing that comes from this is that apparently, there is some talk about an additional international airport going in down here in the southern zone, somewhere. I suspect this statement to be true.  Maybe I’ll mention this in my presentations on why I think that land is a good investment here in the Dominical area.

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