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Prices Seem High – Buying real estate

Buying Costa Rica real estate: “I have to say that I’m shocked at how ridiculously expensive many of the places listed online are. BTW, I live in San Francisco, CA. so I know what ridiculously expensive is. It seems as though many people are selling properties at these inflated prices because people are willing to pay for it. My question: If I came down and talked directly with sellers, cash in hand, would I be very successful haggling down the price or are people mostly getting what they’re asking? I would like a secluded, peaceful place to spend half the year and I love the jungle and ocean the Dominical area offers. Nonetheless, for the prices people are asking there I could get a gorgeous home with a pool and acreage not far outside of the Palm Springs area here in CA. (no ocean or jungle though”

This post was a snippet from a post that linked to a forum that has since become unavailable. I leave it for its informational value.

Interested in Costa Rica real estate as an investment. They primarily live somewhere else, but they own property in Costa Rica for the asset appreciation potential as well as possible rental income. Some just buy and hold (land-bank). For developed properties, the investor has a vacation home to visit as desired.

Migrators spend a regular amount of time in Costa Rica during each year.

Re-locators are those that are looking to move to Costa Rica from wherever they are. They will live full-time in Costa Rica.