Classic COSTA RICA Video, circa 1947

My uncle, who is now retired in Costa Rica, just sent me a link to this video. Quality video footage from the 1940s is difficult to find, and it got me thinking. This is not “real estate” per se, but it IS a look back at a younger version of the Happiest Place on the Planet.

Interestingly, the year after this film was released, Costa Rica experienced a very short yet bloody civil war. Although it only lasted 5 weeks, but 2,000 citizens lost their lives. The Communist-leaning government of Calderon Guardia was overthrown by a rebel contingent led by Don Pepe. In addition to eliminating the (more) corrupt Calderon government, many other progressive changes came out of this uprising– the standing Army was abolished, women were awarded the right to vote, and full citizenship was provided to the black population living and working in Costa Rica.

Unlike many of the countries to the north and south, Costa Rica has experienced relative peace and prosperity. Perhaps the best news is Latin America’s longest running democracy (Costa Rica) continues to set a progressive agenda in the areas of environment, education, and sustainability.

At times it can be beneficial to look back in order to appreciate the moment. Much of the playful sentiment that is captured in the film continues to unfold on a daily basis in Costa Rica. In fact, the shots of the banana plantations remind me of the drive out to Sierpe, a popular launching point for dolphin and whale excursions, as well as, hiking tours in the Corcovado National Park.

Enjoy the video, and feel free to recommend our blog to friends and family. Saludos.

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