Oct 032011
Poll #1 Results - Top Reasons To Buy Property In The Zone

I was excited to find the Poll functionality on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago. The question I came up with “What is the top reason to buy land in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific zone?” seemed like a good jumping off point for this regular feature on the blog. Although the sample size was small, the responses were revealing. Low Property Tax Costa Rica’s property

Mar 052011
What People Are Buying In Costa Rica

Price is the #1 determining factor for a great deal, but there is another factor that is equally important— the living experience. Ben, my business partner in Costa Rica real estate, phrases it this way, “do any unique features of the property significantly affect the quality of the living experience?”

Jan 282011
Mental Meanderings in The Zone

Property Values In The New World It would seem that life has settled into a routine now in our “new world” setting here in Uvita Costa Rica.  What’s it been, 2 years since the global economy went into the stink house?  My how time flies.  Our real estate company is cooking right along actually doing some business.  The business that happened so rarely during the

Sep 072010
Why Canadians LOVE Costa Rica!

A few years ago, when I moved down to Costa Rica full time, I realized there are a lot of Canadians visiting (102,471 in 2009*) and living the area. One of the main reason Canadians (virtually all nationalities for that matter) visit, buy land, and in some cases, relocate to Costa Rica is

Feb 062010
Did Taxes & Tourism Blow Costa Rica Real Estate Out?

Costa Rica Real Estate Listings I just received an e-mail from a reader that shamed me into sitting right down and writing. I have read your face book page and articles on the tax issue there. I had been planning to take a trip in March in the hopes to travel to Domincal and Uvita nd look at some land that over looks (has view

Oct 212009
Confusion Around Costa Rica's Luxury Tax

[singlepic id=10 w=320 h=240 float=right]So, I get this great e-mail from some super in-the-know real estate guys the other day that answers a number of my questions regarding the new Luxury Tax law. After this “clarification” I post to my Facebook page and Tweet the news where I stated “I have determined that the new Luxury Tax in Costa Rica is for construction only and

Oct 142009
Costa Rica's New Luxury Tax

There is a new law that has now quietly come into force in Costa Rica.  It is being called the “Luxury House Tax” or a facsimile thereof. I now have it on good authority that there is mass confusion about this law by the few that have even heard of it. I am one amongst the throng of the confused, but I will here report

Aug 062008
Costa Rica Corporation Clarity

I think that in every real estate transaction that I have been involved in here in Costa Rica, the buyer has opted to use a Costa Rica corporation to purchase the property. I have explained the pros and cons various ways when asked, but I don’t think that I have ever put it as well as an e-mail that I was just copied on from


Interested in Costa Rica real estate as an investment. They primarily live somewhere else, but they own property in Costa Rica for the asset appreciation potential as well as possible rental income. Some just buy and hold (land-bank). For developed properties, the investor has a vacation home to visit as desired.

Migrators spend a regular amount of time in Costa Rica during each year.

Re-locators are those that are looking to move to Costa Rica from wherever they are. They will live full-time in Costa Rica.