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The Memo

Disclaimer: the following is not necessarily what some sellers of Costa Rica real estate want to hear.

It was sometime in 2008 when the world changed.  Our globalized economy demonstrated, for the first time, the extent to which we (all us humans) are interconnected.  When one falls, we all lose our balance.

Some of the … Read on...

Lone woman on a beach thinking

New Theory Explains Why We Find Costa Rica So Darn Pleasant

or – How Media Saturation Robs Us Of Our Joy
or – an Original Thought is a good thing

We humans find ourselves intriguing, in fact – fascinating. Theories explaining the experience of being human abound .

One theory that I heard as a young man has stuck with me through the years. This theory now finds … Read on...

Education In Rural Costa Rica, Part 1

Education… it elicits warm images of smiling children, colorful classrooms and fundamental ideas like opportunity and a brighter future.  I am happy to say I see all of those elements unfolding here in Costa Rica, albeit sloooowly.

Did you know that the Costa Rican government is constitutionally required to budget at least 6% of the … Read on...