The Most Precious Real Estate

[Given] the fact that I spend almost everyday at the beaches in and around Uvita, I wanted to highlight some of the most precious real estate in Costa Rica— Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. Home to miles of idyllic beaches, mangroves, islands, and the blue wonderland under the Pacific Ocean, the park sustains a multitude of animals, some of which–like humpback whales and sea turtles–are on the endangered species list. Discover why the park raises the quality of life for those of us who are lucky enough to vacation or reside in The Zone.

Houses In Our Future

For those with construction experience and a desire to build houses in a foreign country, this where there may be money to be made. The crystal ball formula is– buy a cheap ocean view lot, no more than 10 minutes from the Costanera (our paved coastal highway), and build an affordable house with a swimming pool. The main question we anticipate from potential builders is…

Thoughts From The Outfield #1

I was standing in the outfield at the Saturday Softball game in Uvita, when the feeling hit me. It was the warm feeling you get (and I’m not referring to the direct sun variety) when you are with a group of people having fun. In a word: community. We have a special one down here in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. Perhaps it is the international mix of….

The “Guys in the Zone” Talk Show – Episode 1

Click the “Play” button (upper left) to listen to the show. The newest feature on, our “Talk Show” is your audio source for news and information about real estate in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific zone. Hosted by Ben and Rod, these conversational shorts can be listened to online (just hit the Play button below) … Read more

Relocation – Surviving the Transition Financially

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to relocate in Costa Rica? Many of you have ideas of what you would like to do but you don’t know if it is feasible. Do you buy a well-priced piece of real estate then develop it to your liking? Or, do you buy a turnkey business in one of the small towns of the Southern Pacific Zone (SPZ)? Those are two questions The Guys In The Zone are asked often, and I thought I would shed a little light on the possibilities.

Buy land, build structure, announce grand opening.


Relocators who lean toward the Buy & Build model are the most common brand of investor. Rarely, does the building process go perfectly smooth especially if you are a “first timer” in Costa Rica. Even with a good contractor, we encourage most owners to be on-site often. In fact, the more you can be there to answer questions and provide direction, the better. There’s nothing worse than flying down to check on the status of your building only to discover the size of your custom kitchen and bathroom have been interchanged?! If you follow this advice and move down to oversee the building process, then there are the obvious costs associated with living here (rent, bills, food, gas, etc.). However, this increases your chances to end up with the small (or large) business you always dreamed of. I have attended a few “Grand Openings” in the past few years, and most owners smile with pride, albeit with a touch of fatigue.

Most of our commercial land sellers are open to negotiating price and/or carrying paper (seller financing) as long as there is a significant down payment. Currently, we have excellent “raw land” properties that can accommodate businesses ranging from a small hotel-restaurant and one of the best “large commercial” pieces on the Costanera.

Or, buy a landmark!

surf-shop.jpgUntil just recently there were very few businesses to buy in the SPZ. Over the past five years, the ticos and early bird gringos have successfully

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Development Inspections Underway

A well publicized, and controversial, sweep through a number of developments in Costa Rica’s southern pacific zone has resulted in the closure of a number of projects, and the question of whether the closures were legitimate, and if the closing government agency was competent in its exercise of its authority.